“ I feel humble and grateful that I am blessed with this talent for drawing and that I am able to pass on this heavenly gift and touch the hearts of others. I can say with pride that I have finally returned to my roots, when I was a little boy drawing on a classroom table so long ago…once again I am drawing castles in the land of kings and princesses. “


Eli Ofir

I become very emotional when I draw beautiful old houses. They are living history scattered everywhere across the English countryside. Driving along narrow country roads you can be sure that nearly every driveway you pass ends with a beautiful house with a history all of its own.

When I’m drawing a house, the fine detail of my pen work takes me on a magical journey where the history of each property is revealed with every brick and stone I immortalise. The uneven lines of the roof, walls and beams deepen this mystery. That’s why I slightly enhance these elements to bring out the warmth and personality of the houses. This Gentle Twist to Perspective is my unique style and my artistic signature. It transforms a house into a work of art that tells an ancient story


My artistic skills were honed from early days, having spent many of my childhood days with a Russian painter by the name of Meir Appelboim. Meir was a lonely elderly Russian artist who I met through my school community activities when I was 15 years old.


Meir’s art work had a huge impact on me and I was deeply inspired by him. As time passed my family and I adopted him as a grandfather figure and we were close to him until he passed away 20 years later.


Thank you Meir for all you taught me with so much love.I would also like to thank my Literature high-school teacher Mrs Dvora Silverstone. She was the first person to acknowledge my gift and open my heart to see my talent. I will never forget her belief in me and the sensitivity and patience she had with me. The full story of me as a child in Mrs. Silverstone's classroom is written in the introduction to my book - 'Living in History' (see it in my Shop).

During my subsequent 17 year career as a hi-tech entrepreneur, my creativity and artistic skills were always at the core of my work. I was involved in companies that developed multimedia systems combining graphics, animation and visual interfaces. I was able to harness my artistic gift into practical business…just as Mrs Silverstone had helped me do back at school.

I live with my family in a beautiful little village in the Ashdown Forest of East Sussex. Here I dedicate myself full time to my art. During the last 12 years I had the privileged to be commissioned to draw more than 1,200 portraits of English house, and my passion to immortalize old and magnificent houses into art keeps growing by the day.


My Book ‘Living in History’ is sold worldwide as a hard cover and as an eBook. I receive touching letters from artists, history lovers and architectural students from places that far away such as China, Iran, Brazil, New-Zealand and many more.


My YouTube channel with tutorials of ‘How to draw a house’ is viewed by more than viewers, and the nice comments I get are overwhelming.


In the last few years I started to draw views and landmarks from the Holy Land. I draw them as-if they are scenes from 2000 years ago.

I have a dedicated website for them: www.holylandportraits.com



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"...Eli Turns back on IT to take up his brush for Art. Traded in a powerful career to enjoy a more peaceful life as a painter doing beautiful paintings of people's homes and property..."


The Observer, October 2006

 "...His training by Meir Appelboim, the Russian artist, in the basic skills of art along with the important talent of perspective has helped Eli create stunning works of art..."


Art and Auctions, Sussex Life, November 2004