A visit by me to the house is most recommended. I can then feel the vibe of the house, see all the surroundings and views, and get ideas of angles and elevations that one not necessarily would have thought of. When I visit the house take photos on my iPad, stitch some of them on the spot and then sit with you together to go through them and choose the best angles.


If a visit is not possible or your house is too far away from my studio, you can then send me a few photos and together with a satellite Google view of the property I will revert with suggestions of potential angles and maybe some more photos I’ll need you to take. You can take them just using your mobile phone and emailing them to me.


Then I go back to my studio and draw the portraits free-hand using thin-tip pens and soft pencils. I smudge the soft pencils and then highlight the artwork with eraser pens. I sit for days on each portrait, going into minute details of bricks, tiles, woodwork, windows, climbers and gardens. By the time I finish a portrait I know each brick and stone of the house. It is sometimes very hard for me to give the portrait ‘away’ to its new owner, it’s as giving away your precious creation.

With Gentle Twist

With Very Mild Twist



My unique style and artistic signature is giving the house a gentle twist to perspective. This is what I feel coming out of the house onto my paper while I’m drawing. It gives character and feel to the portrait rather than just an architectural Blue-Print.

You can choose if to have a gentle twist to the house perspective, a mild twist or none at all.

The portraits are drawn in two sizes: A2 and A1. These sizes are best suitable to allow me to dwell into details. A small A3 size will occasionally be used usually for a nice Gate or doorway.

After I complete the portrait I scan it in high resolution, stitch it and clean it up in Photoshop and copy it onto a CD.

I give you the Copy-Right to the portrait so you can use it for your stationary.

I am fortunate and blessed to have my average waiting-list time during the year to be between 6-10 months ahead. So please keep that in mind when you are planning the portrait as a gift for a specific date.

I will sometimes push ‘urgent’ commissions higher in the queue such as a gift for a very elderly parent or a wedding etc…

From photo to hand drawn portrait

I will visit your house to take photos for the portrait, or you can send me some photos by email.



After creating the art work, the portrait is then scanned into the computer and given to you on CD.

That allows you to have a wide range of possibilities and outputs in addition to the framed portrait itself. For example, you could have your house produced on:


• Letterheads with your address details added.

• Greeting cards with or without your text printed inside.

• Postcards with or without your text printed on one side.

• Placemats and Coasters, set of 6 or 12.

• On-line usage such as in e-mails and web sites


You usually receive a few versions of the scanned portrait on the CD. One is a smaller file that could be used in Word or in emails. The second is a high resolution file that should be used for quality prints or to blown up a print to its original size.


The Portrait can come framed in 4 basic frame types: Dark Wood, Light Oak-looking wood, Modern smooth Black or Modern Silver.

The wood frames will have a three layer mount and the silver two layers. Gilt frames are also available with extra cost.

Artistic License

Unlike photos, a drawing can expose hidden parts of your house and re-construct period features

For example:

• Move your neighbours out of the portrait

• Choose an angle that’s hidden by trees or walls

• Add / remove extensions, period features, windows or doors

• Create garden features such as ponds, wisteria, flower pots…

• Include pets and vintage cars in the portrait

• Create different seasonal scenes such as spring or snow



‘Some of the advantages of a Drawing V Photo:


Pricing for the creation of a black & White hand made portraits:


Portrait size:                    A3*          A2           A1

Price from Photos          £980        £1380      £1680

Scanned to CD             + £75       + £95       + £110

Framed                         + £110      + £140     + £195


* A3 is not suitable for every house and is drawn with less detail. If you order more than one portrait, the additional portraits have a 15% discount.

Prices exclude VAT.


The prices above relate to creation of the portrait from photos sent to us. However, it's much more professional to have an On-Site Visit by the artist at the premises itself if possible. This gives the artist the freedom to choose the best angles and composition for the portrait.


An On-Site Visit (recommended) could have an extra cost of £100 to £300 depending on your location.  On photo-shoot days I go to a number of clients in the same area, on these days those I visit don't pay any extra visit cost. I usually do these days in the South East, Greater London and Counties around London. Further locations can be discussed separately.


Portraits can be framed if required, see framing, above.

Additional cost is sometimes required if the house has exceptional architectural details that result in significantly more time spent on it by the artist, such as a large mansion or old and complex manor.


Copies and printouts:


Snow Scene: Hybrid A3 portrait = £330


Greeting cards : 250 copies = £280, 500 copies = £320


Postcards: 250 copies = £190, 500 copies = £220


Letterheads: x 500 page A4 pack = £210


Placemats & Coasters: set of 6 Placemats and 6 coasters: £120


Prices exclude VAT


A deposit of 40% is required when signing the order form, the rest of the payment will be paid on delivery.


Costs do not include postage fees.

Framed portraits are not sent by post and need to be picked up or sent by driver.


If you would like to order any of the above, please download an order form.




“Dear Eli. You executed a portrait of our house in Bromley in 2008. Shortly after that we moved to Devon and we are daily reminded of our former home. Still admiring the artistry involved and just felt moved to thank you again for this wonderful momento. It is often admired by others. Thanks again and best wishes."


Chris & Melvyn Thomas, February 2014


“I asked Eli to produce two portraits – one of the front and one of the rear of our house – as a memento for my husband, as we were considering a move after 26 years and I thought it would be a nice reminder of the place where we had raised our children and spent most of our married life.  When he opened them he was both amazed and rather overwhelmed.  The accuracy and artistry of the pictures was incredible and Eli had also included our two beloved dogs (who are no longer with us).   As it happens, we have not yet moved but as and when we do, these pictures will provide a lasting treasured memory.”


Carina Corbett 2016

"Dear Eli, the detail in the portraits is beyond belief and the 'twist' gives an added dimension. My husband decided where the portraits should be hung, he keeps popping into the room to have a look. We have now got a timeless reminder of the house we love which can move with us when we decide it is time to leave. Thank you once again.“


Sarah Shaw, East Sussex, Nov 2016.


"Dear Eli

Your portraits of our house were a wonderful surprise present from my wife. Through your superb and meticulous attention to detail, you have captured perfectly the features that make the appearance of our house so special to us. The fact that the portraits bring out the character show the real interest you must take in your work. Wherever we find ourselves in the distant future, this will act as a lasting memory of our home in a way we want to remember it. With thanks and best wishes."


Mike Harris, May 2017.